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    Why Hire a Holistic Nutritionist

What is a holistic nutritionist and why hire one?

A holistic nutritionist advises clients on how to take care of your bodies, inside and out. From nutrient supplement, meal planning and exercise, a holistic nutritionist looks at “whole” health, not just one concern or disease.

1: Proper nutrition is confusing.
A holistic nutritionist’s job is to teach you how to consider nutrition holistically.

2: Learn how the body uses food for fuel.
Their goal is to instruct you on how the body uses food for fuel and how to balance your needs with your wants.
3: Consider both the physical and the emotional symptoms.
Physical symptoms may be low energy, weight gain, chronic disease and are the body’s away of telling you that balance must be restored. Emotional symptoms may be fatigue, lethargy, apathy which are often a poor nutrition barrier to addressing the physical symptoms. A holistic nutritionist will consider both when working with you to develop a lifestyle game plan.
4: Get an individual approach.

Hiring your own nutritionist comes with the clear benefit of a specialized program designed to fit your lifestyle, allergies, likes, and dislikes and health history.

5: Holistic nutrition is a positive field.
Your nutrition meetings may become the most restorative part of your week, that is, until your improved nutrition improves all the other areas of your life.

6: Improve all the other areas of your life.
Up to 90% of our serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical, is produced in the digestive track (which is why emotional eating feels so good at first). A well-balanced diet improves your overall mood. This has a positive effect on the other relationships in your life, from your loved ones to your workplace.

7: A support system is viable when making a lifestyle change.
A holistic nutritionist has their clients’ best interest in mind, and they will guide you through the educational aspects while providing motivation and emotional support as well.

8: It’s a long-distance relationship that works.
Your holistic nutritionist can coach you from anywhere in the world. If you live in a rural, nutritionist-less area, or if your preferred nutritionist simply lives somewhere else, your program will not be affected. A free Skype/Facetime account and your already-in-place addiction to email on your phone will keep you on track and in contact with your nutritionist.

9: Lose weight the safe way
Weight loss becomes a mere side effect when compared to glowing skin, a higher sex drive, better sleep and much more..
10: Get recipes and meal plans.
A holistic nutritionist won’t just tell you to eat apples; she’ll give you three apple recipes.

11: Support your body while sick.

Pills is not the best way to cure your illness… A holistic nutritionist will emphasize a method of coping with illness by helping you identify the nutrients your body needs to heal itself. Plus, a proper meal plan will help your medication work more effectively, so you can take a lower dose.