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bio-page-chantal23bChantal M. Collin is a prominent Kniesiologist (fitness trainer), Online personal trainer(Skype/Facetime) and Life Coach with a background in Holistic Medicine and Exercise Physiology, which she currently holds a bachelors degree in science and holistic nutrition. She has devoted her life to understanding the body and its systems. Her passion is finding and abstracting the physical strengths and weaknesses of each client and matching them with a fitness disciplines and holistic nutritional plan to improve their physical, mental and psychological well-being, while doing all variations of testings to treat multiple diseases including, stress, candida, parasites, heavy metal toxicity and as well as allergy testing making sure you receive optimal inner and outer balance and most importantly, results. Approaching fitness first holistically, Chantal believes the synthesis of breakdown and practicality is essential in moving each individual toward their fitness and nutritional goals. Along with 10 years of experience, her greatest strength is her ability to draw from numerous fitness disciplines and sports, thousands of exercises, psychological techniques and holistic nutritional principals to entrust each client with. She combines corrective exercise, integrated function and dynamic flexibility with psychology and motivation to progress her clientele. Chantal incorporates muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, range of motion, balance, power, agility, quickness, speed, coordination and self awareness, self confidence and much more. She has taught and owned a wide range of fitness classes including fitness, cycling, pilates, Stability Ball, senior/youth fitness, outdoor training and bootcamps, and interval classes for groups and corporations and at community events. Chantal carries a professional Bacelors degree in science (Kniesiolgoy), ACE Internationally certified in personal training and group fitness training , she is also a Online personal chantel-biotrainer (Skype/Facetime), along with a Holistic Nutritional Degree, Herbalist background and a business diploma. She has previously held responsibilities as a Senior Fitness Director, Personal training coach, Aromatherapy massage therapist, MT trigger point therapist, Master Yoga Certification in Yin, Kundalini, Meditation, Baby and Me, Prenatal, Open Heart Meditation, Vinyasa, Holistic Doula/ mid Wifery certification and ACSM International Certified.

Chantal has designed numerous innovative fitness programs including Resistance Yoga, Static contraction (a comprehensive fitness program that utilizes fast twitch muscle fibers and pre exhausting the muscle to obtain the quickest results in every workout ), Tabatas X (a strength and cardio program). Chantal works with individuals of all ages and experience levels, from novice trainee to advanced athlete, as well as those who are mentally and physically handicapped. Her clients range from as young as 8 to those well into their 80’s. She has worked with numerous ailments including Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer, Hyperimobility, Fibromyalglia, Alzheimer’s, Anorexia, Bulimia.

In her studio in BC, Chantal works one-on-one with individuals and has broadened her reach to train a multitude of clients around the world with via telephone, email, Skype and FaceTime. This allows Chantal to bring these skills to anyone, anywhere in the world, regardless of restraints such as money, transportation, time and also allows her to follow clients around the world to their hotels and winter getaways. This allows her clientele to stay focused on their training objectives even while they’re away from home.