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Inclusive and affordable fitness for everyone.

Our trainers empower members of all shapes and sizes to become healthier, happier and more confident.


Personal Training

When looking for a great personal trainer you want to make sure they demonstrate a proper exercise prescription that will result in improved body composition, physical performance, heart condition, health outcomes and overall immediate results!


Holistic Nutritionist

A holistic nutritionist advises clients on how to take care of your bodies, inside and out. From nutrient supplement, meal planning and exercise, a holistic nutritionist looks at “whole” health, not just one concern or disease


Online Skype / Facetime Training

You want to cut fat, gain muscle, and move and feel better? Then online training might be just what the doc ordered.


See our fitness fanatics
in full flight.

Drawing on the latest in sports science and fitness coaching, our training sessions incorporate a balanced range of activities ensuring use of all muscle groups in a safe and sustainable way.


Chantal removes the mystery and fear from exercise and diet because she personally tailors everything to my needs and clearly explains everything in a way that allows me to feel in control and empowered. Working out is never easy, but Chantal keeps me motivated with her genuine caring and honest encouragement.

- Heather

Chantal is friendly and personable, but extremely professional and all business”during her training. Each session is different and customized to your every-increasing level, so the workouts never get boring. It has been exciting to see the progress that I am making, and have gained strength, endurance and muscle development resulting in lost inches and pounds.

- Candace

Affordable Fitness – No Excuses

Need additional pricing info? Get in touch for custom and corporate group training pricing.

Packages Prices Are Only Available If Sessions Are Completed

If Sessions Aren’t Completed Your Price Will Be 100$ per.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast before I see results?

The first week! As long as you follow the cardio and meal plans created for your body type..

I have a really busy schedule, how many days a week do I need to workout to get maximum results?

We suggest a minimum of three days a week as well as cardio two days a week on your own, which you will be provided a 15 minute video that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Am I able to travel and do online training in my hotel or vacation home?

Of course you can, all you need to bring is your resistance bands and we can use the furniture in your room to do lots of different plyometric workouts.

Will we be doing the same workouts every time we train?

No, in your personalized program, the workouts change weekly as your strength and conditioning improve.

Will I get the same results with online training via FaceTime or Skype compared to personal training?

Yes, we are able to do everything the same as a gym but in the comfort of your own home for a low cost of $30-35 for the equipment needed for your workouts.

Do you offer payment options for your package deals?

Yes we offer payment options of monthly or bi-weekly.

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